Understanding Hand Sclerotherapy

Hand Sclerotherapy

Are you embarrassed by bulging veins on your hands? Is winter your favorite season because you can hide them in gloves? The good news is, hand sclerotherapy may be able to help.

Here at the North Shore Vein Center, a nationally-recognized center for excellence, located in New Hyde Park, New York, Dr. Mark Schwartz and our highly trained team can treat all your vein-related needs. Whether your issue is varicose veins, spider veins, hand veins or more, we use innovative equipment and minimally-invasive procedures to leave your appearance looking smoother and clearer.

Hand veins

Often protruding and ropy, hand veins can look like they’re a serious health problem. In most people, however, they are simply a cosmetic issue and function normally.

Causes can range from the skin growing thinner and losing elasticity with age to some individuals not having much body fat on their hands, which makes the veins more pronounced. Genetics can play a role, as can hot weather and exercise which can temporarily make them bulge more. Medical issues like varicose veins, an infection, trauma, an autoimmune disease, or a blood clot can also cause this problem.

Hand sclerotherapy

Hand sclerotherapy is one of several treatments for vein issues. It is noninvasive and provides results that are both significant and last a long time.

Using an ultra slim needle, we inject several drops of a special sclerosing solution directly into the vein. The procedure is almost pain-free so you don’t need local anesthesia. The solution encourages the collapse of the vein walls and the blood is re-routed to healthy veins. The result is smoother skin and improvement is often seen almost immediately.

Treatment and recovery

Hand vein sclerotherapy is performed over the period of two visits. Because the hands are sensitive, we do the procedure on half of the back of each hand at the first appointment. At the second visit we complete the other half of each hand. The procedures are typically done two to four weeks apart. The treatment itself only takes thirty minutes, so you can schedule it any time of day, even on your lunch break, and then go back to work.

In addition to the treatment itself being almost pain free, the recovery is fast and easy with no downtime required. Three-quarter compression gloves should be worn for two weeks following the procedure to encourage proper healing, but otherwise there are almost no limitations to your everyday routine.

If you’re tired of hiding your hands due to unsightly veins, call our office at 516-231-1934 today to find out if hand sclerotherapy is right for you.